Jett says she spends most days on the film’s set. ”It’s been a really, really good experience, an interesting experience, very surreal experience. I think the actors are doing a brilliant job.”

As for Stewart’s portrayal of her, Jett says, ”I could not be happier. I’m absolutely thrilled with her as a person, as an actor. I’ve gotten to know her a bit over this time, and I can’t speak highly enough of her.”

Source via kstewartfans

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  • Aug 01, 09Kara says:  

    Yea! One more cherry to add to the top of the cake this week.. after listening to the cast interviews on the Cake Eaters DVD I feel like a proud sister! The sky is the limit for her when she has not only talent but the support and love of so many of her colleagues.

  • Aug 01, 09Alice's Aunt says:  

    Glad that Joan is so good with her praise of Kristen. She must know she couldn’t find many other actresses who immerse themselves in a role, like K. does.

    Hope K. doesn’t get whip-lash from moving from ‘JJ-rocker’ mode, back to ‘Bella’ mode though. :-)

    Alice’s Aunt

  • Aug 01, 09Alice's Aunt says:  

    But I bet that Kristen will be glad to be out of leather, in that hot CA weather. ,-) Being back in plain ol’ denim, in ‘The Couve’ will probably really feel gooooooooood.

    Alice’s Aunt

  • Aug 01, 09chalice says:  

    she’s so amazing. at young age she already established a status of a fulfilled adult. im glad she didnt went through with the vainness of most of young adults today. her parents must be proud.

  • Aug 02, 09Chair says:  

    I really hope K looses the hair quickly. Much prefer her Bella-hair!