E! Online have posted the interview they did with Kristen yesterday at the HotTopic event on their website. Check it out below and screen captures will be added shortly. Enjoy!

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  • Nov 07, 09crmomof2 says:  

    She did a great interview. I think that she is very smart and genuine. LOVE KSTEW!

  • Nov 07, 09Maru says:  

    She’s a genius! I think that one of the reasons of her being so smart is the amount of reading she’s done. She totally loves it and her vocabulary is amazing!

  • Nov 07, 09LL says:  

    should I be ashamed or embarrassed to say that my goal in life is to meet and become friends with Kristen Stewart?? I wanna be an actor because that seems like the only way possible to become best friends with a famous actress.I really wanna make it in Los Angeles because Kristen seems to be the most down to earth, nicest person. I am only 14 so I still have a while to go, but should I be ashamed?

  • Nov 07, 09crmomof2 says:  

    I think that this young lady is very talented and intelligent. The interview was terrific. She seemed content and calm. It was a great interview.

  • Nov 09, 09shonla says:  

    She’s so funny! She made a really good point! She could probably totally out run them!